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Apollo Group TV App Getting “Invalid Login Details”

Many users of the Apollo Group TV app have reported experiencing an issue where they are greeted with an error message stating “Invalid Login Details.” This error prevents them from accessing the app’s content and features, causing frustration among users. Despite entering their login credentials correctly, users are left perplexed as to why the app fails to authenticate their account. This persistent problem has prompted numerous complaints and queries to the app’s technical support team, who have yet to provide a satisfactory resolution. The Apollo Group TV app developers must address this issue swiftly to maintain user satisfaction and prevent further inconvenience.

Getting “Invalid Login Details”

Try these steps to see if you can get logged in:

Step #1

Check your email to make sure you have an email that was sent with your login details and the email will be labeled “Here is Apollo Group TV Delivery !!! Order #” please check your SPAM or JUNK folder.

Step #2

Make sure you have our app installed see our steps in installing our app

Step #3

Make sure the username and password is entered correctly, and try again. 

If you still get the “Invalid Login Details“, then let’s move onto the next step.

Process to see there’s nothing blocking the APP.

  1.  Go to a PC and open the url http://webtv2.iptvcloud.online

Enter your login details and if you can connect, Great! If not then go to 2.
2. Turn on your mobile hotspot on your phone, and make sure that the wifi is off on your mobile device.

  • On your device (firestick, Android box, etc) connect that device to your hotspot.
  • Now try logging in and see if that error goes away Great, but we need to find out what’s blocking it. Please make sure that you have no VPN active, No Antivirus active. 

NOTE: If you’re not logged in then open a support ticket and we’ll assist you further. Be sure to mention that you’ve followed these steps and you need “your line check to for login and is active”

Lastly you’ll need to contact your Internet Company and tell them that an APP your using is being block, the url for that app is http://iptv2cloud.online <—(not a useable link from the web) either they will need to allow it or show you how to allow it on your router.