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How to Setup IPTV on Firestick

Discover the world of Apollo Group TV with our comprehensive tutorial page. Get step-by-step guidance on how to maximize your streaming experience, unlock hidden features, and take your TV viewing to the next level lets get started on How to Setup IPTV on Apollo Group Tv App.

How to install Apollo Group TV on Firestick/Google Devices




Install Downloader from APP Store then Open Downloader

Enter 608594

Allow the Downloader to download our app, and then click on Install.

If you get an ERROR about Unknown Sources, follow these steps first.

  1. Click on Home
  2. Settings
  3. Click on My Fire TV
  4. Click on About
  • Click on the center circle button 7 times you should get a message that says no need your already a developer.

5. Click the back button one time
6. Click on Developer Options

  • Make sure that the ABD Debugging is ON
  • Also make sure Unknown Sources for Downloader is ON

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